For Teens

Teens Are Kids Too

We keep parents informed about their teens’ dental health and involved in making decisions – while giving teens confidence in their relationship with us.


Teens can be at higher risk for dental disease for the following reasons:

  • Some have braces which are harder to clean
  • Access to more foods that are high in sugar and less nutritious
  • Consumption of designer energy drinks that promote dental caries
  • Busy school and social schedules resulting in neglect of oral hygiene

These risk factors often lead to cavities in permanent teeth. Cavities set teens up for extensive dental work (root canals, crowns and more) in their adult years. We work hard to personalize care plans for each teen in order to prevent decay and gum disease.

Prescription toothpastes protect teeth without a lot of extra time or steps. We also bring some patients who have braces in for more frequent cleanings and fluoride treatments.

Our teen section has a relaxed atmosphere where patients feel comfortable listening to their iPod, texting, or watching a show (dirtbike or skiing video) on the overhead screen. Our team loves teenagers and will often find themselves engaged in a fun conversation with our patients.

Is Your Teen in Need of Excellent Dental Care?

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