Lazy days of summer

The kids are out of school (or almost) and we can finally relax from the crazy routing of homework, bedtime, etc…  Ahhh, it seems like we can finally breathe.  As we step into the relaxed pace of summer and as the days grow longer and bedtime comes later it is often easy to fall out of the routine of ensuring that our kids keep up with their oral hygiene at bedtime.  I have found that the most important thing that we have control over in our effort to prevent decay is the daily hygiene routine.  It seems easy enough to have our kids brush their teeth and floss; at the same time it so easily eludes us as we relax a little bit in the summer months, go on a family trip, or have out of town visitors.  Summer is also a time when kids, being home and having access to the kitchen, tend to snack more frequently.  This frequent snacking makes them even more susceptible to cavities.

Make sure that you keep your kids teeth healthy this summer.  Keep your family oral hygiene routine at the top of your priority list this summer as you enjoy a break from the busyness of school.  Remember that kids age 7 and younger require assistance from an adult with brushing and flossing.  The most important brushing of the day is the bed time one.  Once the teeth are clean do not allow any snacks or drinks besides water.

I hope you all have a restful and fun summer with your families.

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