‘Twas the Night Before Christmas at the Streeby Office

‘Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and Dr. Streeby’s office was silent

Not a movie was playing, Spongebob was out vacationing on some tropical island;

The instruments were sterilized all snug in their plastic,

Waiting to jump into a child’s mouth like a gymnast – fantastic!

All our patients were home with their families waiting for Santa,

While the author of this story was being stealth as a pantha;

Soon to be “new daddy”, Dr. Streeby in his “diaper vest” and his team at the mall,

We all knew this was going to be the best Christmas of all.

When out in the parking lot there arose a loud chatter,

I said to myself , “what on earth could be the matter”?

Away from the computer I flew over the counter,

Hurdled over the designer furniture and swam across the lobby like Flounder.

The stillness of the night and the winter frost in the air

Gave me the chills and made me feel like I had icicles in my hair,

When, what to my reading glasses adorned eyes should show itself,

But a sled with the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and his Elf (movie).

I couldn’t make out who was steering, it was quite dark, you know

Really doesn’t matter, they were smiling and their pearly whites were all aglow.

They were all happy to be here at our office, “who isn’t? , I thought”,

It’s the next best thing to getting a gift that isn’t store bought.

“Now, Sandy! now, Bianca!, now, Heidi and Kristi!

On, Jenny: on Jill, on Tatiana and Dr. Streeby!“

Don’t forget the girls in front, they might shed a tear!

For Leah, Teresa and Terez, they are proud to call this their “career”!

All you children should never feel alone or afraid of the dark,

When you think of the magic that happens in the lot outside our office where you park.

So what was this “class reunion” all about, you ask with a smirk?

It was what we at Streeby’s like to call “Teamwork”!

All these colorful characters with their gift of good cheer,

Had come to visit us because we have so much fun here!

I was mesmerized by the energy and drawn into their space,

As they held hands together and walked into our happy place.

Santa was jolly, of course, because that’s just how he is,

The Easter Bunny was pretty fluffy and wanted to get straight to biz,

Tooth Fairy was quiet and she lagged behind,

Upon entering our wonderful world, she had a lot on her mind;

Her eyes how they sparkled, her mind was racing fast,

She had never seen so many smiling faces on a Cavity Free Tree in the past.

The pride in her heart and her feeling of peace,

Reassured her that at Dr. Streeby’s, it’s all about the teeth!

She flitted and fluttered around the spaceship, dined in the garden of sushi,

Painted a masterpiece with the fluoride – that stuff that tastes so gooshy.

She was looking for something special; I had known it all along,

Just like when out of the blue, you hear your favorite song;

Hoping to learn of her quest, like a puppy, I followed her around,

The silence was deafening, her radiant glow illuminated the ground.

She was here to “RECHARGE”, her mission had now became clear ,

“What better place to have fun doing it, before the end of the year?”

My new friends gathered their toothbrushes, floss and their paste,

And quickly beat feet past the games to the door without haste.

In an instant they were gone, in a simple blink of the eye

To pass forward the message the world teaches us, that truth in never a lie

There are always lessons in life, we know this to be true,

This moment in time happened because of me and you

A New Year is approaching, so put a smile on your face

The best place to take good care of it, is right here at Dr. Streeby’s place!

Happy Holidays to all our friends, and to all that want to be our friends

You are welcome to participate in our world, where the fun never ends. . .

December 2009

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